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What Is Moisture Sandwich Pores and skin Care? Specialists Clarify The Buzzy Magnificence Method


As we close to the tip of the yr, chilly temperatures, blistering winds, and snowy days have us layering up with coats, hats, beanies, and gloves. why? As a result of the extra layers, the extra protected we’re towards winter parts. The identical idea applies to skincare. Layering on merchandise over different merchandise is an effective way to optimize hydration in your pores and skin, particularly in the course of the bleakest of chilly days. Because it seems, there’s a title to this system and it is referred to as moisture sandwiching.

A well-liked Korean skincare methodology, moisture sandwiching popped up on the Western magnificence scene due to Reddit, Instagram, and (that is proper) TikTok. It basically makes use of a three-second rule the place you apply your skincare merchandise to damp pores and skin three seconds after cleaning — versus patting your pores and skin dry previous to continuing with the remainder of your routine. “Moisture sandwiching refers back to the means of making use of merchandise on high of damp pores and skin to make sure your pores and skin stays hydrated,” says Dr. Carl Thornfeldt, board licensed medical dermatologist and founding father of Episciences. The thought behind that is that damp pores and skin is extra receptive to absorption, providing you with extra advantages to your merchandise.

Though moisture sandwiching is having a second within the buzzy magnificence world, based on Dr. Karyn Grossman, co-founder of RAF FIVE and celeb dermatologist, it is among the oldest methods within the e book. “This has all the time been the golden normal in treating pores and skin gently for years,” says the professional. “Having some water on the pores and skin, then including components to carry the water into the pores and skin [humectants] then including components to seal that water within the pores and skin [occlusives] helps to maintain pores and skin hydrated and wholesome.”

Now that you understand the historical past behind moisture sandwiching, what are the entire advantages and steps to include it appropriately into your routine? Forward, TZR spoke to 6 knowledgeable dermatologists to get the 411.

What Is A Moisture Sandwich?

Should you take a look at the fundamentals of a skincare routine, you’ve got three most important steps: cleaning, hydrating, and locking in moisture. Nonetheless, with the moisture sandwich methodology, you add in additional vitamins between these three primary steps, piling on product from gentle to thick textures. So you’ll be able to have an order that appears like this: cleaning, hydrating, moisturizing, firming, moisturizing, serum, and extra moisturizing … or another combo you need.

“The thought is to lock in hydration to the pores and skin to forestall trans-epidermal moisture loss (how a lot water the pores and skin holds) and hold pores and skin glowing and hydrated,” says Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, triple board-certified plastic surgeon and founding father of 111SKIN . The objective right here is to start out with the lightest texture merchandise and layer with heavier ones. In accordance with the knowledgeable, the approach can be utilized year-round however is good within the colder months to maintain pores and skin hydrated.

Primarily, when the pores and skin is dehydrated or dry, it is paramount to lure in hydration for the pores and skin to carry onto. The sandwich methodology does this by layering in light-weight, water-based formulation beneath thicker lotions so water is sealed into the pores and skin’s deepest layers—producing hydrated and bouncy pores and skin.

What Are The Advantages Of A Moisture Sandwich?

Sandwiching lotions, oils, moisturizers, and hydrators can lure water into the pores and skin and scale back water loss—permitting water to remain within the pores and skin for an extended time period, leading to more healthy and extra radiant pores and skin. “Each time you barely dampen your face with faucet water after which apply your moisturizer, you assist all of your merchandise penetrate higher,” says Dr. Sherwin Parikh, board-certified dermatologist and founding father of Tribeca Pores and skin Heart. “Finally, your pores and skin seems to be and feels completely hydrated and wholesome, for a noticeable glow.”

Not solely that, however it helps shield the pores and skin from the weather. “All the course of gives a protecting barrier to the dry pores and skin and retains pores and skin texture clean versus a moisturizer that tends to evaporate and never give the identical tactile textural enchancment you’d get from an oil,” says Dr. Loretta Ciraldo MD FAAD, a Miami-based board licensed derm and founding father of Dr. Loretta Skincare.

If you use merchandise with lighter textures and smaller molecules, it permits for deeper penetration and thicker formulation the power to lock in moisture. “The thought behind moisture sandwiching is to lock in further moisture by making use of merchandise on damp pores and skin,” says Carmen Castilla, MD, New York Metropolis-based board-certified dermatologist. “It may theoretically draw in additional moisture than simply making use of the merchandise alone to dry pores and skin.”

How To Incorporate A Moisture Sandwich Into Your Routine

Dr. Gross says the sandwich methodology is similar idea as making use of lotion to the physique post-shower. “The damp pores and skin will soak up the moisturizer higher and lock in hydration,” the professional tells TZR. So in case you are prepared to use the approach to your magnificence routine, begin with water-based and light-weight choices like hydrating toner, essence, or face mist. Observe that with a hydrating serum filled with glycerin or hyaluronic acid (aka, humectants that can pull moisture into the deepest layers of your pores and skin) to assist retain moisture on the floor of the pores and skin.

Third up, seize your favourite occlusive moisturizer to seal in long-lasting hydration and end with an in a single day or 15-minute masks to deeply hydrate the pores and skin. The best factor about moisture sandwiching is it may be fully customizable primarily based in your skincare must see finest outcomes. That means, in the event you choose 4 steps, 5 steps, eight steps, or 12 — it is nonetheless sandwiching. The consultants all agree this may be finished every day, however to ease up you probably have acne-prone pores and skin (extra on that later).

And it is not simply your face, however your lips too. Merely moist lips with water, apply a moisturizer on high (is usually a face cream), and a thick layer of lip balm to complete. Preserving the lips moist offers the moisturizer a greater likelihood at deeper penetration, whereas the lip balm prevents moisture loss.

Does Moisture Sandwiching Work On All Pores and skin?

Sometimes moisture sandwiching is extremely useful on dry and delicate pores and skin, however it could possibly work on different pores and skin varieties as properly. Nonetheless, you probably have oily pores and skin, the consultants advise considering twice concerning the buzzy development. “Sufferers with oily pores and skin and who’re acne-prone ought to keep away from occlusive moisturizers since they might exacerbate pimples flares,” says Castilla. As a substitute of making use of an occlusive moisturizer, Dr. Grossman suggests utilizing a hydrating hyaluronic acid in a gel components on damp pores and skin to hydrate with out added oils.

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